Dear Visitors,

It’s my pleasure to introduce to you WTS Global, a world-wide partnership of selected consulting firms that has set a new standard of personalized, dedicated, expert service for its clients around the world.

Headquartered in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, WTS Global comprises a rapidly expanding network of highly qualified and experienced consultanting firms in 100 countries. Only one firm for membership in each country, according to strict quality criteria, is selected. Because we operate as a world-wide team, our clients have the advantage of being able to instantly access a wide diversity of contacts in several countries and receive efficient cross-border service tailor-made for each client’s needs.

As the CEO and founder of WTS Egypt LLC, I am proud to say that our tax consulting firm brings to the WTS network an exceptional level of expertise and a reservoir of successful experience in serving multi-national corporations that are already well-established in Egypt, or which are interested in exploring the opportunities available in this high-potential market. For more than two decades we have successfully assisted our clients at every stage of their Operation by providing them with accurate, timely tax advice to help them maximize their profits and avoid costly errors. Our current clients include major multi-national corporations based in Germany, Austria, China, Japan, Eastern Europe and Turkey, among others.

If you would like to know more about our services, or have any tax-related questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Dr. Ashraf Hanna


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